Memorial balloon release hero for Devin Page Jr.

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – 3-year-old Devin Page, Jr., lovingly known as “Juju,” will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him.

But they hope the community remembers him too.

Tuesday night, a stray bullet flew through the toddler’s window, killing him in his sleep.

“It’s been very hurtful, you know, to have my son been gone and taken away from me. but the most supportive family and friends that have come out and supporting just, you know it’s been… thanks, I’m very thankful you know,” his father, Devin Page, said.

Saturday, his family received an outpouring of support from family, friends, and community advocates.

“All this would be a lesson to a lot of people and people with the gun violence. you know to just wake up and just drop the gun. the violence you know, fine and figure out another way you know,” Page said.

Now their message is to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

“I believe it’s time for us to get it right. it’s time for everyone to wake up because today it’s this family. we don’t know who it’s going to be tomorrow and we as a community need to do better. it’s time for parents to be parents and not their children’s friends. it’s time for community leaders to step up,” community advocate, Keon Preston said

Folks said that even though his life was taken way too soon.. the sweet, little boy hath touched a lot of hearts.

“This situation and several other situations like this affect us all. this little boy was sleeping in his bed sleeping, and unfortunately, his life was taken at a moment, you know on someone else’s negligence. so, I had to come out here and show this family love and support to let them know they are not by themselves,” Preston.

The family said, long after the funeral they will still need support and help as they continue to fight for justice.

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