Metropolis of Phoenix and Conservation Obtain $ 400,000 Grant to Preserve Biscayne Bay – CBS Phoenix

Phoenix (CBSPhoenix) – The same day President Biden set out his climate change agenda, Phoenix Mayor Francis Suarez announced a partnership to help restore a stretch of coastline along Biscayne Bay.

“There are some who believe that Phoenix will be completely underwater. There are some who believe that we need to withdraw, or there needs to be a withdrawal strategy that actually involves people leaving their homes and moving inland. And we won’t let that happen. Whatever the technology, whatever the final improvements, I guarantee the people of Phoenix that we won’t do anything, ”Mayor Suarez said.

The City of Phoenix and The Nature Conservancy received $ 400,000 from The Chubb Charitable Foundation to help develop nature-based solutions to protect the vulnerable coastline in Morningside Park.

The aim is to protect the coast from pollution, toxic discharges, sea level rise and other effects of climate change and to reduce the risk of flooding.


In the summer of 2020, low oxygen levels killed thousands of fish in Biscayne Bay and after that, an algal bloom caused by the combination of high water temperature, low tide and dissolved oxygen in the water.

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