Mexican culture comes alive at the Vamos a Tucson Mexican Baseball Fiesta

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — The music begins at Kino Stadium with the Mexican National Anthem.

“The music never stops,” said Mexican Baseball Fiesta President Mike Feder. “It’s so different than what we do in the states.”

What’s different is that a band plays throughout the game and you won’t find peanuts and cracker jacks. It’s more like quesadilla, corn and refried beans.

“The festival unites people,” said Hermosillo fan Eddie Lopez. “It mixes cultures. People come here as it’s the best place to watch baseball.”

This season, the Fiesta’s 11th, includes four teams from the Mexican Pacific League as well as The University of Arizona.

“Those that can’t cross the border are able to watch games that are usually in Mexico,” said Lopez.

“People enjoy going to it so much its something the people look forward to on their calendar,” said Feder.


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