Milwaukee Bucks offer Serge Ibaka, Jordan Nwora, George Hill, and a draft pick for Jae Crowder

The Milwaukee Bucks have identified one player who they feel could make a difference in their quest for another NBA championship: the Phoenix Suns’ disgruntled forward Jae Crowder. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, talks between the Bucks and the Suns are progressing along with Milwaukee offering Serge Ibaka, Jordan Nwora, George Hill, and a draft pick for Crowder.

Long process

It’s been a long process trying to get Crowder to Milwaukee to team up with fellow veterans Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. As a veteran player, Crowder could bring stability and a level of toughness, which the Bucks would sorely need in the NBA Playoffs. He is a battle-hardened forward who has played in over 100 postseason games, including the 2020 NBA Finals. However, the Suns are looking to get a forward back, which means the Bucks are looking to involve a third team that could satisfy Phoenix’s demands.

“Both the Suns and Bucks have engaged in serious trade talks for months, with current proposals surrounding Jordan Nwora, George Hill, Serge Ibaka, and second-round draft compensation to Phoenix for Crowder,” Charania wrote in his report. “The Bucks and Suns have searched for a third team to provide Phoenix with a forward–so what outcome will emerge between now and next Thursday?”

stiff competition

The Bucks, though, have to best numerous teams that are also vying for Crowder’s services. The Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks are two teams rumored to also be interested in acquiring his services.

It remains to be seen what will become of the Crowder sweepstakes, but one thing is certain: Milwaukee will do whatever it takes to bring in a veteran leader that could help them win an NBA championship. With only nine days remaining until the trade deadline, the Bucks have their work cut out for them.

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