Mom arrested after leaving child in a hot car in Phoenix for several hours

PHOENIX – Phoenix police say a mother was jailed after leaving her child in a hot car for several hours last month.

Cristina H. Valente, 35, was reportedly arrested on April 16, days after the incident occurred at her home near 83rd Avenue and Camelback Road.


Investigators say Valente left the 4-month-old girl in the car around 8:30 a.m. until the crews received the call for help around 1:00 p.m.

“Came back, closed the garage and went inside,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune after the incident. “She didn’t remember having the four-month-old with her.”

According to police records, one of the other Valente children was watching TV at home and seeing a baby on the show, reminding her that she had not seen her younger sibling in a while. At that point, she asked the mother where the baby was.

The baby was unresponsive in its car seat and was 104 degrees when it was brought to the hospital by emergency services.

Valente reportedly told police that the car windows were closed but the garage door was closed. She admitted calling her husband instead of 911 because she was afraid of losing her other children.

The child witness told officials that she ran to a neighbor’s house for help and the neighbor helped call the police and try to cool the baby down with wet towels.

Valente was jailed for child abuse / negligence.

The child was in critical condition at the time the officers were involved. Police are now saying the child needs long-term care.

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