Monsoon Could Set Record + PD Help Find Phoenix Grandma’s Killer

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First the weather today:

To be clear and beautiful all day long! High: 90, Low: 72.

Here are the top stories in Phoenix today:

  1. In the end! the third track on both directions off Interstate 17 south of downtown are open again after closed for more than a year. The lanes were closed during this time a new bridge was erected. (
  2. the monsoon season ends on Thursday, but Phoenix could hold or break a record by then. From Sunday he had seen the city 23 days with measurable rain this season. It’s easy one less than 1896, the record holding year. R.ain is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. (Phoenix patch)
  3. The Phoenix Police are still searching Tips on killing of the beloved phoenix Mother and grandmother Shirley Taylor. Taylor, 63, was killed in what police believed a random drive-by shoot on September 24, 2020. When she was shot, Taylor was Relax with the family in the front yard of a family member’s home. (City of Phoenix)
  4. A judge on Maricopa County Superior Court The state ban on mask requirements has been lifted Monday. Some officials from local school districts and parishes are satisfied with the decision because they say it gives them options on how to do it continue to ensure the safety of their people. The ban should come into effect on Wednesday. (Phoenix patch)
  5. More Phoenix workers believe they are underpaid above the national average, according to a new study. In Phoenix, 43 percent of the workers said they would consider quitting if you don’t get any increase by the end of the year. That is national compared to 31 percent. (KJZZ)

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  • City of Phoenix: “We still have places for #HeadStart! This free program offers: child development curriculum, kindergarten readiness, and healthy meals and snacks. Apply at” (Facebook)
  • Phoenix Public Library: “Forbidden Books Week runs from September 26th to October 2nd. It celebrates freedom of reading, draws attention to forbidden and questioned books, and highlights persecuted people.” (Facebook)
  • Phoenix planning and development department: “Phoenix Design and Development is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Check out the video below showing the contributions of Hispanic Americans through the historic buildings that still exist today.” (Facebook)

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