Native enterprise is closing its doorways after 22 years, thanks Flagstaff for the assist

Flagstaff, Fla. (WCTV) – After 22 years of calling Flagstaff home, a local corner shop is now closing its doors.

But instead of feeling sad at the end of a chapter, they all reflect good times.

They are grateful to the community for supporting them on their way.

When you go to Cape Harbor, you are greeted by a furry face named River and co-owners Scott and Suzy Megary.

The couple settled in Flagstaff and spawned a passion, a business that sold scrolls, bow ties, and home decor.

Scott Megary shared her story: “We had Blue Abaco in 99 and then Cape Harbor in 2011, so for ten years. We love fly fishing and traveling all over the world. So we just thought we’d do that too. “

Her greatest achievement wasn’t selling, but meeting with friendly faces and giving back to those who have supported her for so long.

“Just meeting all these people in the community gave us the feeling that we could give something to the economy here,” said co-owner Suzy. “It is well known that a small business like us can help the community too.”

But it wasn’t always a smooth sailing.

According to Scott, the birth of Amazon and online retailers has slowly affected the business and only deteriorated over the years.

“We saw the good times and drove them to the bitter end,” said Scott. “It was interesting. Yeah it’s sad to see how it goes “

What used to be an “Open” sign outside of business is now “Out of Business”.

Scott said the COVID-19 pandemic caused this capital city favorite to say goodbye.

“We tried to stay there as long as possible, hoping it would get better and better every month. We went through Christmas and the traffic never really picked up, ”explained Scott.

While heavy hearts exist, the Megarys just want others to spend their money on small purchases.

Suzy hopes that other mothers and pops can keep selling.

“Just try to find stores that have unique stores that have items you won’t find anywhere else … and try to keep the community feeling up,” she said.

Although it is the end of a chapter, this family is happy to have left their mark and hopes to do it again one day.

Suzy says her next step is to open an Etsy shop and sell some of her personalized handcrafted pieces there.

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