Navajo County Sheriff’s Office | Police reports

The non-legal areas of Holbrook, Joseph City and Winslow, Adamana, Goodwater, Sun Valley, Woodruff and Chevelon Canyon are provided by the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office as law enforcement agencies.

  • February 15 – Navajo County Sheriff’s Office MPs arrested Show Low, 44-year-old Richard Steinmetz, on charges of demolition of prison property.
  • February 18 – MPs on the 8200 Block on Randall Avenue in Joseph City arrested Stephanie Williams, 54, of Joseph City on charges of domestic violence related to disorderly behavior and domestic violence.
  • February 19 – MPs breaking traffic on Navajo Boulevard in Holbrook arrested Nolan Joe, 22, of Holbrook on charges of DUI.
  • February 20 – MPs on the 8100 block on Tanner Avenue in Joseph City arrested Garrick Yazzie, 32, of Joseph City on charges of disorderly behavioral battles.

– MPs on the 8600 block of Highway 99 in Winslow arrested Ryan Padilla, 25, of Winslow on charges of disorderly behavior.

The non-regulatory areas of Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, Linden, Pinedale, Clay Springs, Heber-Overgaard, Snowflake, and White Mountain Lake are provided by the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office as law enforcement agencies.

Heber / Overgaard / Sound Sources / Pinedale

  • February 17 – The Family Dollar MPs in Heber arrested 49-year-old Rebecca Gould, of Overgaard, on charges of shoplifting, criminal offenses, court failure to comply with a court order, possession of dangerous drugs and contraband in prison.
  • February 20 – MPs on the 2100 block on Fishermans Road in Overgaard arrested Matthew Koechle, 32, of Overgaard, on charges of domestic violence related to disorderly behavior, domestic violence related to a dangerous instrument and domestic violence related to assault has been. choking.

Show Low / Linden / Silver Lake Estates

  • February 14 – Show Low MPs arrested Show Low’s Monica Doty, 24, on a warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia. Show Low’s John Shearer, 23, was arrested and charged with false reporting to law enforcement and displaying fictitious signs.
  • February 17 – MPs supporting Navajo County’s Animal Control Department on the 8500 block of Jackrabbit Drive in Show Low arrested Kevin Biles, 60, of Show Low on warrants for an original charge of three counts of a dog in general, three unlicensed counts and unvaccinated dogs and two no-shows.

Any information that the public has regarding any suspect in any case is encouraged to assist law enforcement with information about the criminal activity. Your help will be gladly taken. Additionally, anyone with information can call the WeTip hotline 1-800-782-7463 for confidential reports. ATV / motorcycle riders please remember that everyone who drives on a public road (dirt or pavement) must have the appropriate license and other relevant documents. It is the responsibility of every ATV / motorcycle operator to understand the laws associated with operating their ATV / motorcycle. Please remember that regardless of the time of year, you must have an outdoor burn permit issued by your local police or fire department. Your observance is very much appreciated. The sheriff’s volunteers want everyone to know that they are making house clocks as part of their services and would like to extend this service to those who have a part-time home in the area, those who go on vacation, etc. Please call Call the sheriff’s office to speak to or leave a message with the sheriff’s axillary volunteer director for your ward. Please remember to buckle up and watch out for motorcycles and ATVs on the roads. Be courteous to other drivers and if you do need to consume alcohol, get a designated driver, not a DUI. If you have information that could help the Sheriff’s Office protect your community, please contact a supervisor or proxy at one of our local telephone numbers: 928-524-4050 or 928-289-6850. Information can also be sent to WeTip at 1-800-782-7463.

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