Facebook photo July 26, 2021

(From Mr Nez’s Facebook page) Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer met with the family and supporters of Ella Mae Begay, who was missing in the Tółikan community and has yet to be found. Over a week ago, her niece Seraphine Warren took a walk from her ward to the capital of the Navajo nation to raise awareness of the disappearance of Ella Mae Begay and other missing persons and to improve collaboration and communication with parishioners and law enforcement.

They were accompanied by the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety, Criminal Investigations, and Division Directors as they listened to the concerns and recommendations of family members and relatives, who also shared many of their personal experiences and challenges with law enforcement and criminal activities. Spokesman Seth Damon and Council Delegate Charlaine Tso were also present to offer their support to the family.

“We are very grateful to Ella Mae Begay’s family for their sacrifices to raise awareness of all missing people and hold us accountable as leaders. We understand their frustration and why they ran to our nation’s capital. As leaders, we are in this position to hear from people and take action to make change happen. With the Ella Mae Walk, we hope that we can continue to heal and pray that Ella Mae will be found, and we ask God for strength and comfort for her family, friends, and community, ”said President Nez.

Last week President Nez joined the group when they were walking near Red Valley. He and Police Chief Phillip B. Francisco also met the family at a relative in Tółikan last Thursday to hear their concerns and share news. The Navajo Division of Transportation recently assisted family and council delegate Charlaine Tso with the ground search and supplied ATVs, drones, and other equipment to cover more ground.

The Office of President and Vice President would like to thank the family of Ella Mae Begay, her niece Seraphine Warren, Council Delegate Charlaine Tso, and all supporters for their assistance to Ahe’hee.

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