NCSO grabs Navajo County’s burglar

ARIPIN – A man and woman in their 50s were arrested at their home on the 2600 block of Maplewood Lane on February 4 after the Navajo County’s Office Major Crimes Apprehension Team (MCAT) issued an arrest warrant for residential and corporate break-ins had issued.

Karen Jesmer, 57, and Curtis Garvin, 55), both from Aripine, have been arrested and involved in trafficking in stolen property, possession of stolen property, possession of a dangerous drug, misbehavior of weapons by a prohibited person, and possession of dangerous drug paraphernalia accused.

A press release from NCSO said MPs received reports of break-ins in residential, commercial and campgrounds in the area occupied by campers and hunters on October 22nd and 7th.

According to the press release, MPs walked to a trailer on Pinedale Road near the milestone on October 3 and received a report of the break-in of the trailer, with anyone who did it a rifle, propane heater, clothing and camping gear worth approximately $ 2,100.

But the person who broke in the trailer left evidence that helped detectives from the NCSO Major Crimes Apprehension Team track down two suspects.

MPs who first picked up the reports reportedly found a backpack at the site of the break-in and gave it to MCAT detectives assigned to the case on Dec. 7.

Based on this evidence, detectives identified a suspect who provided information that ultimately helped them track down Jesmer and Garvin.

“Detectives were able to identify a suspect who was later arrested on unrelated allegations. Detectives interviewed the suspect and were given information about who committed the break-in and who they sold / traded the stolen property to, ”the press release reads.

On February 4, MCAT detectives issued the search warrant for the house on the 2600 block of Maplewood Lane, where they arrested not only Jesmer and Garvin for break-ins on October 22nd and December 7th, but also for possession of dangerous drugs and dangerous ones Drug paraphernalia after allegedly 3 grams of meth and ingestion paraphernalia was found in home.

According to court records, Jesmer either pleaded guilty or found guilty of possession of dangerous drugs, trafficking in stolen property, possession of dangerous drug paraphernalia, DUI drugs, theft and second-degree break-in in 2011.

According to court records, Garvin pleaded guilty or found guilty of possession of dangerous drugs in 2009 and of violating marijuana in 1998.

Gorman said NCSO Sheriff David Clouse would like residents to mark their valuable property for identification in the event this happens to them.

“This information helps us in our investigation, not only to locate it, but to bring those who stole it from you to justice. Burglaries use your property to sell or exchange it with others for drugs and other stolen property. Nobody likes a thief and our MPs always work hard to get back your property that has been taken over by someone who felt they needed more than you. Please help us by keeping good records of your property. We warn those who continue to steal from dorms, vehicles, and campsites. We’ll come after you and you’ll get caught, ”said Clouse.

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