Netflix opens an online store and takes a page from Disney

Go to Netflix and Chill and make room for Netflix and Shop.

The video streamer took a page from Disney and debuted Thursday with an online store selling goods related to its shows and brand. Collectibles and streetwear from the anime series “Yasuke” and “Eden” are now available, soon to be followed by clothing and decorative items from the French hit “Lupine”, which was designed in collaboration with the Louvre Museum.

Netflix’s IP category expansion is a page taken from Disney and NBCUniversal’s playbooks, both of which have long been selling merchandise to generate revenue from the characters, stories, and brands that bring them to life onscreen.

The online store is Netflix’s first direct foray into retail. It follows the company’s forecast that in 2021 it will be able to finance its own projects for the first time without external financing. Initially available in the US, the store will be launched in other countries in the coming months, according to a company statement.

The products are all limited editions with a current price range of $ 30 to $ 135. The next few lines will contain “Stranger Things” and “The Witcher” merchandise.

The site has a distinctive Netflix style and highlights the company’s merchandising partnerships with three so-called “emerging designers”: Jordan Bentley, Nathalie Nguyen and Kristopher Kites.

“We love when great stories go off the screens and become part of people’s lives,” wrote Josh Simon, VP of Consumer Products at Netflix, in a blog post. “We’re always looking for ways to expand the world of our fan stories, from clothing and toys to immersive events and games. And that’s why we’re launching today as an exciting new destination that combines curated products and rich storytelling in a unique Netflix shopping experience. ”

Simon left a similar position at Nike for Netflix in early 2020.

Despite its healthy lead in the streaming wars, Netflix is ​​showing signs of slowing growth. Numerous outlets have reported that the company also has ambitions to expand into the gaming space.

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