New Tucson Fire Station opens on eastside | community

TUCSON (KVOA) – Tucson Fire Station 9 officially opened Wednesday on the eastside. It’s the first station built using funds from Prop 101, Tucson Delivers.

The station was built on the site of the previous location on Wilmot Road. That station was built in 1968 and was outdated, lacking modern safety and health features.

The new station has eight bays which allow all trucks to pull through.

“The design of the station is centered so the dorms, the work out areas, the respite areas, the kitchen, they all flow so the crews can get right to their trucks quickly and efficiently.” said Paul Moore, Deputy Chief at Tucson fire department

Station nine is one of the busiest stations in Tucson. It ran 14,000 calls last year. Moore says the average response time is just over four minutes, depending on the call.

“So with the new design, with the dual apparatus base and the response patterns the crews will be able to access the rigs faster, get on the rigs and get out the door faster,” said Tucson Fire Chief, Chuck Ryan.

At least 16 firefighters are on duty daily and that expanded manpower will also improve response time.

The station also has new safety features like the diesel extraction system.

“The bay door goes up the ventilation system kicks on and the exhausts the diesel particulates out into the atmosphere,” Ryan said.

Another feature allows firefighters to get more sleep on duty which improves their health and efficiency. “Our new dispatching system allows you to only hear the calls that the truck you are assigned to is going out on, which is previously you would hear every single call that is going out,” said Tucson Fire Captain Travis Sutterly. Typically each crew would have two calls after midnight, which would mean firefighters would be jarred awake about ten times a night.

The fire station costs $9 million. There are plans to build five more in Tucson.


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