New website helps lost pets in Yuma

A new website has launched with the goal of reuniting Yuma pet owners with their lost fur babies. combines the efforts of the Humane Society of Yuma with MGM Design, a local website development company.

Annette Lagunas, the Humane Society’s executive director, says you can report a lost pet or a found pet and use a map tool to make it easier to locate. It will help them with the number of pets at the shelter, she says.

“Those animals coming in to the shelter, it’s a stress on us, it’s a stress on the pet,” Laguna told KAWC. “It’s a stress on the family that’s missing them. So all of those things put together make this website so important to our community to really get that out there.”

Lagunas said she the next feature for the website is to add a map with locations for microchip scanning.

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