New yr, same pandemic: what the resolutions in Flagstaff look like in 2021 so far | Local

Widman stated that there are various simple habits throughout 2021 that are both socially distant and effective. She suggested that people try meditating for a few minutes each morning, spending at least 10 minutes outside each day, eating more fresh, homemade meals, reaching out to distant family and friends, and doing electronics for 30 minutes switch off before going to bed.

Widman acknowledged, however, that it can often be difficult to pass resolutions without the same level of social support. She explained that starting the journey alone can be daunting, especially when reaching new fitness goals.

“In the past, people have relied on the social aspect of gyms and friends to be accountable for their goals,” said Widman. “It is much more difficult to stay on the right track on your own. Finding ways to engage with other people and be transparent can help you make progress toward goals. “

Widman suggested putting in place ways for friends to hold each other accountable via progress updates on social media, or even via Zoom or Skype training sessions. The Yoga Experience offers streamed yoga classes, which Widman says can help promote social support for Flagstaff residents even during the pandemic.

“The live streaming courses allow people to stay within their own four walls, see each other and communicate in real time with other members of their community,” said Widman. “Adding even a small social aspect to our fitness activities can motivate our moods to look for activities that lift our spirits. As we find ways to lift our spirits, healthier habits become easier. “

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