November 4, 2022 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA race results from Phoenix Raceway

Today, the ARCA Menards Series West season comes to a close. The field is on the grid in Phoenix, Arizona. The 1-mile of Phoenix Raceway is set to host the Desert Diamond Casino West Valley 100.

View Phoenix race results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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Carson Hocevar missed the drivers meeting. Per the rules, he’ll drop to the rear of the field for the start.

Sammy Smith and Taylor Gray set the front row. 100 laps of stock car racing are up next…

race report

Green flag, Smith and Love run side by side into turn one. They fan out five wide behind them. Smith clears Love off turn two via the inside lane. Taylor Gray quickly takes 2nd.

Lap 4, Gray gets loose and slides through turn two. He barely scrapes the wall with the right rear but he holds 2nd.

Lap 6, Christian Rose spins, caution.

Green, Smith and Gray run side by side into turn one and off turn two. Gray drives it deep into the dogleg and he nearly clears him but Gray runs wide. Smith retakes the lead into turn one.

Lap 21, Carson Hocevar spins off turn two and tags the wall, caution.

Green, Smith clears Gray before turning one. Sebastian Arias spins through the dogleg behind them, caution.

Green, Smith slides Gray in turn one and Smith holds the lead.

Lap 45, David Smith spins as Bridget Burgess drives into his bumper through the dogleg, caution.

race break

The field head for the pit lane. Each car has a set time to make adjustments as the field is frozen. Teams are also allowed to change 2 tires. Jesse Love takes extra time on the pit lane and he’ll join the rear of the field as he’s also 1 lap down.

Green, Smith and Gray rub doors in turn one. Gray throws an aggressive block off turn two. Smith hooks him and Gray is sideways down the stretch. Gray backs it hard into the fence. Connor Jones is collected.

penalty: Officials pull Sammy Smith to the pit lane and they’ll hold him for 1 lap. Andres Perez de Lara takes over the lead.

Green, Perez de Lara is clear into turn one as Parker Chase takes 2nd.

Lap 60, Jesse Love and Sammy Smith race through the field but both cars are a lap down. They’re racing each other for the free pass position. They’re up to the 7th place car but remain a lap down.

Lap 67, RJ Smotherman stalls and the caution is out.

Free Pass: Sammy Smith

Green, Perez de Lara clears Parker Chase. Landon Pembelton tucks on the bumper of Perez de Lara and he takes 2nd away.

25 to go

25 to go, Sammy Smith is three wide and slicing through the field. He’s already up to 6th after restarting 15th.

23 to go, Kyle Keller spins and slides across the track. He hooks Joey Iest in the process and both cars pick up heavy damage, caution.

Free Pass: Jesse Love

Green, Perez de Lara clears Landon Pembelton before turn one. Sammy Smith takes them three wide for 2nd into turn one! Smith works to the right rear of Perez de Lara and he clears him off turn two. Sammy Smith goes from one lap down to the race lead in just a matter of a few laps!

12 to go, Bobby Hillis Jr spins on his own off turn four, caution.

Green, Smith is clear by several car lengths before turn one. Jesse Love is flying through the field, he takes 3rd away off turn two.

6 to go, Christian Rose spins, caution.

Green in Overtime, Smith leads as Perez de Lara spins the tires. Love takes over 2nd. Spin behind them, caution.

Green in Overtime #2, Smith and Love bang fenders into the dogleg. Smith clears him into turn one.

1 to go, Smith leads Love by 6 car lengths.

Sammy Smith wins at Phoenix Raceway!

Phoenix Raceway
Race Results
November 4, 2022
ARCA Menards Series

Item | drivers

1. Sammy Smith
2.Jesse Love
3. Andres Perez de Lara
4. Landon Pembelton
5.Todd Souza
6. Landing Lewis
7.Bradley Erickson
8. Parker Chase
9.Jake Finch
10. Tanner Ripe
11. Buddy Shepherd
12. Tyler Ripe
13. Jae Drew
14. Cole Moore
15. Takuma Koga
16.Sebasian Arias
17. Bridget Burgass
18. Zach Mistress
19. Katie Hettinger
21.Christian Rose
22. Bobby Hillis Jr
23. Sean Hingorani
24. Joey Iest
25. Kyle Keller
26. R.J. Smothertman
28. Conner Jones
29.Carson Hocevar
30. Chris Lowden

ARCA Menards Series (West)
Point standings

1. Jake Drew


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