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Patricia Ramsey Ware

February 21, 1947 February 16, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Patricia Ramsey Ware. Patricia died after a very tough battle with pancreatic cancer. She could be in her nearly 40 year old home, in her top bedroom overlooking the farm, until she died. She was surrounded by her husband, Harvey, and her family, who cared for her lovingly with respect and compassion. She died on February 16, 2021, just five days before her 74th birthday.

Patricia was the firstborn of Jack and Lorraine Ramsey, she had a real firstborn temperament: stubborn, stubborn and intelligent.

As a child, when she lived in the Gila Valley, Patty had very long hair that was always pulled back into very tight braids that reached her waist at one point when she very quietly took the scissors, went into the closet and came up with lobed ones Hair out Get to work and define your future as a separate type of action. It might be at this point that the hairstyle obsession must have started. Patty graduated from Yuma High, her mother and father were in the crowd at her graduation ceremony and watched as Patty stepped on the line to receive her diploma. They were confused and hardly recognized the black-haired graduate with the bright red shoes as Patty! Another moment of independence, a moment of head-shaking for mom and dad, but that was Patty. It was no surprise that she went to beauty school to learn hairstyling, she had a knack for it and kept coloring her hair all her life.

She met and married Billy Joe Ware in 1965 and they worked on the farm. She soon had a daughter, Jodie, followed shortly by a son, Gary Jack, and then William James, her youngest, who was born very early. His survival was a blessing. She was a farm woman and mother who lived in a house on the farm in the Dome Valley. When Patty turned 27, she decided to graduate from Arizona Western College with a nursing degree while raising three children. In 1976 she received her badge as a nurse and started working in the hospital. She wore a name tag that read “Patricia Ware RN” which immediately became a joke for her husband Billy and her father. They found that the RN stood for “Running Nut,” after all the hard work that wasn’t fun at all for them.

During her nursing career, she was a school nurse, hospital nurse, and surgical nurse, and the bulk of her nursing career has been spent in the emergency room. Patty loved the ER, the crazier the better. She loved the challenge and the constant change it brought with it. She continued her education and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix in 1994.

Unfortunately, she became a widow with her three children in 1981, continued to run the farm and raised her children. In 1983 she met Harvey Croutch in a ceremony in the Gila Valley with her sister Gina and married her. Their family and friends attended and their children were part of the wedding.

During her years after leaving nursing, she served on the board of directors of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Board. Her leadership role in realizing the vision of a beautifully restored riverfront in Yuma, Arizona has been a tremendous accomplishment. She was really instrumental in making crossing the Yuma a beautiful thing.

Patty studied and loved the Catholic religion, she was sponsored and took courses to become Catholic. It took her two years, but she found the rituals and peace of the Catholic Church and studying the Catholic Faith very interesting and comforting. Patricia also served on the board of directors of the hospital district, which she served for years until her vision problems made it impossible to do her job. She also served on the board of directors of the Wellton Mohawk Irrigation Drainage District for years as one of the first women to do so until health issues started to get involved.

Patricia also enjoyed her family, with her youngest son William and grandson Jacob running the 5th generation of a farming family.

She was devastated when her son Gary died of an illness in 2014. She never fully recovered from that terrible loss. Her friend Claudia Rico was instrumental in caring for Gary and after that she became Patty’s family. She loved her three children, Jodie Reeder, Gary Ware, and William Ware. She was also blessed with four grandchildren, Alyssa Ware, Megan Laster, Chelsea Gray and Jacob Ware, and three great-grandchildren, Sophy Gray, Everlee Laster, and the newborn Melody Gray, arrived on February 8th.

Patty was wayward, devoted and fought so many battles and hardships, deaths, floods, diseases in her life and was always there for her family. Always the first to fight a threat to her family, she never gave in. She loved country music and she loved dancing with her husband Harvey. Patty knew how to knit, crochet, sew, and everything she read, she remembered. She was never still, always on the move, and always had a good argument for things she thought were wrong or unfair. In another life she could undoubtedly have been a lawyer, she loved facts and had a vocabulary and memory that proved fatal to her opponents.

Before Patricia, her mother and father Jack and Lorraine Ramsey, her husband Billy Ware, their son Gary Ware, their sister Gina Arias, their brother-in-law Ernie Arias, their nephew Matthew Riesland and, most recently, their daughter -law Heather Ware, die. All of whom she mourned deeply.

Patricia is survived by her husband Harvey Croutch, daughter Jodie Reeder, son William Ware, granddaughters Alyssa Ware, Megan Laster (Luke), Chelsea Gray (Scott), grandson Jacob Ware (Lexi), and great-granddaughters Sophie. Everlee and Melody, their sister Jackie Riesland (John) and their nieces and nephews Dawn, Shannon (Bobby), Jillian (Justin), Joshua (Melissa), Dar and Sunnie Shephard and Nick and Rhiannon Lopez. All of them played a strong and loving role in their lives, but especially in their final days, the depth of their help and care was incredible.

Pallbearers: Tom Buhl, Scott Gray, Chris Mitchell, Bobby Pope, Russell Reeder and Jacob Ware.

Honorary Bearers: Aaron Croutch, Justin Croutch, Nick Lopez, James McWilliams, John Riesland, Joshua Riesland.

Patricia will have a private service with her family and instead of flowers, donations can be made to the Humane Society of Yuma. This would be a kind gesture as her adopted Great Dane “Blue” brought her great comfort and love.

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