Paula Glickman Obituary (2022) – Flagstaff, AZ

Born Elsie P. Friedrich, in Hudson, NY, she was a proud first-generation American. She was the only daughter of German immigrants that met after passing through Ellis Island, just after the first world war. Being the last of the line, she was preceded in death by her father Wilhem, her mother Sophie, and her brothers Bill and Frank. She grew up on a dairy farm in Martindale, NY, and was a graduate of Rolef Jansen High School.

After graduation, she left the farm and moved to Albany with her friend, Rita Zucconi, where her first order of business was to disown the name, “Elsie”. She had always hated the name Elsie, as it was also the name of the Borden Milk Mascot, “Elsie the Cow”, which was very popular at the time.

The newly metropolitanized Paula Friedrich found work as a long-distance operator for AT&T, where she faithfully toiled until she met her future husband, Leon. Not only was the small town girl smitten by the fast talking streetwise ways of Leon, but he also had a car. Leon pursued, and Paula did not evade. The two were eventually married, twice. Once in France, illegally, while Leon served his country in the Army, and Paula in the Civilian Army Corps. The two were married again upon their eventual return back to the states, and civilian life, and she officially became Paula Glickman. They were together for the next 29 years until Leon passed at the age of 59.

They adopted their son Steve in 1966, through some underhanded dealings, and some well connected friends in Albany. For the next 17 years, Paula and Steve would endure many trials, and enjoy many adventures, living in many places from coast to coast under various conditions. Paula and Steve always provided each other with a smile, and the will to carry on. After Steve left home, Paula continued to live with Leon, who eventually died in 1991, freeing Paula to pursue some degree of a life of normalcy, which she did with great success.

She moved out West to join Steve, who had moved to Flagstaff in 1994. They would live either together, or in very close proximity from then on. Again she traveled the country, living in new places, as Steve and his wife Mary pursued Mary’s medical career. Paula traveled with them, helping to raise her grandchildren that were born along the way whom she adored. Casey, Arlo, and Cooper, all had the good fortune of being raised in the loving arms of Paula. Being a mother and a grandmother were certainly her greatest joys. She is survived by Steve, Mary, Jed, Casey, Arlo and Cooper, who will always remember her fondly, and miss her dearly. Paula loved going to her grandchildren’s sporting and performance events, long after she could recognize them on the field, the rink, or the stage.

Paula was also survived for a short period of time thereafter, by her ancient Beagle “Maddie”, who spent nearly 16 years by her side, and is now eternally by her side again. Paula was preceded in death by a long line of cats, most notably, “Johnny Rotten” and “Bing”. Somewhat less notably but still important, “Mr.T”, “Sammy”, and the inevitable, “Sammy II”.

E. Paula Glickman, after a long and eventful life, died peacefully on the 4th of July, at the Elizabethtown Community Hospital (a division of the UVM Medical Center in Elizabethtown, NY). Cause of death, she was 89 years old. She always loved a laugh. A devoted daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. She both enjoyed and endured her life with a good heart, and she will be missed by all of those who knew her, more so by those who loved her.

In lieu of flowers, well wishes, or donations, just try to be a decent person. You would probably not mind if you threw a few bucks to the SPCA as well.

RIP mom.

Published by Arizona Daily Sun on Aug. 5, 2022.

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