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PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Police released new details about the man accused of stealing a car, running over a red light and causing an accident that killed a mother and her two children in Phoenix.

Before the crash, 33-year-old Raymond Montgomery helped a woman move into her new apartment near 19th and Missouri Avenues at around 3:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon, according to court documents. Montgomery was helping the woman’s friend unload furniture from a U-Haul when he was struggling to carry a large wooden chest of drawers. The woman told police she had commented on Montgomery waiting for help, but he started yelling at her. The woman said she went to wait in her car and Montgomery started yelling at her boyfriend.

PD: The driver was driving 97 mph before the accident that killed mother, 2 teenagers in Phoenix

According to court papers, Montgomery requested the keys to the U-Haul truck and hit the woman’s boyfriend. The woman unlocked her car and called to her boyfriend to get in, but instead he ran around the complex to get away from Montgomery, the records say. Montgomery then jumped into the woman’s car and asked for the keys. The woman told police that Montgomery hit her multiple times in the face, so she grabbed her purse and got out of the car. She ran to the apartment rental office for help and saw Montgomery in her blue Cadillac racing down Missouri Avenue.

Minutes later, police said that Montgomery was traveling at over 70 miles an hour over a red light at the 7th Detectives identified the three deceased, a family, as 18-year-old Ali Geer, 16-year-old Almira Geer and their mother, 45 year old Courtney Lonergan. The Geers were pronounced dead at the scene. Lonergan died in the hospital.

The six injured are expected to survive.

During an interview with the police, Montgomery admitted to driving the Cadillac involved in the accident. Montgomery also admitted smoking marijuana and using PCP before taking the car. According to court documents, Montgomery said he would never smoke marijuana and then drive a car and said it was the same as drinking and driving a car.

Montgomery has been charged with robbery, triple first degree murder, theft, and multiple exposure.

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