Penn State Pickle Fanatics are creating an Instagram page devoted to the pickles of the country and the University Park Campus News

Pickles have a surprisingly large following, and nowhere is that better displayed than on the Tickle my Pickle account on Instagram.

Penn State student Jackie Tucker and her roommates created the @friedpickleparadise Instagram account, which is dedicated to showcasing various pickles from different parts of the country and the world.

Tucker (senior marketing) said she and her roommates love pickles. She said they went to various bars in the state college and ordered fried pickles. Afterward, Tucker said she thought it would be a good idea to try all of the fried pickles in town and rate them on an Instagram account.

After the account was published, it became very popular. Tucker said various bars, pickle fan accounts, and pickle companies followed her account.

People also wrote directly to the account pictures of pickles or pickle products that the account sometimes publishes. Companies also send their products for account verification. Tucker said she gets at least three to five submissions in her DMs every week.

“My camera roll is made entirely of cucumbers,” said Tucker. “People are crazy about [pickles]what I didn’t expect at all. “

The report has received attention from all over the United States and even the world. Tucker said she once received contributions from Italy, Brazil, England and the Netherlands.

Kaitlyn Bailey is another contributor to the account and one of Tucker’s roommates.

“I’m a great person with fried pickles,” said Bailey (Senior Biobehavioral Health).

Bailey is the “taste tester” for this site and tries various fried pickles at Downtown State College.

Bailey said her favorite fried pickle was at Cafe 210 West, and she said her favorite part of the pickle was her sauce.


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Madeleine Aldrich is another page writer and roommate of Tucker. Their specialty on the site is the “pickleback shot”. According to Aldrich (Senior Marketing), a pickleback shot is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of cucumber juice.

“I think everyone should try a pickleback shot once in their life,” said Aldrich.

Aldrich said she heard about the drink from her family. Her favorite recording comes from either the Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar State College or the Bill Pickles Tap Room.

“If you like pickles, be sure to join the community,” said Tucker. “It’s kind of weird and weird, but they’re all really great and fun people.”

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