Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tucson and more cities to experience huge surges in footfall and demand as holiday events compound major event activity

Events drive millions of people into thousands of key locations every week, so businesses and community leaders need to prepare for their impact. New research reveals 16 major US cities will experience unusually high event impact in November

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The November 2022 Event Index reveals 16 cities that need to prepare for unusually busy weeks as NCAA, expos and massive holiday season events drive millions of people into cities across America. Tucson, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia other Phoenix, Oklahoma City will experience the biggest demand surge, which largely catch businesses unawares and unprepared (unless they’re tracking upcoming impactful events).

Upcoming Events in the US in November 2022: The most impacted cities as scored by the PredictHQ Event Index (out of 20, with anything 15+ being majorly impacted)

The 16 cities were identified using the PredictHQ Event Index: a unique algorithm per city to identify the impact of upcoming events, comparing it to each city’s unique five years of previous event data. The Event Index generates a score out of 20 per week per city, with anything over 15 being notably higher event activity. The index and report is produced by demand intelligence company PredictHQ, which aggregates, verifies and enriches event data that is then used by companies such as Accor Hotels, Uber and Domino’s Pizza in demand forecasting and planning.

With more than 11,856 events with 2,500+ attendees taking place in the United States In November, businesses can tap into the people movement and billions of dollars in demand that drive these events. This is especially true for the cities experiencing unusually high people movement, also known as footfall that can be tapped into to drive demand. The cities with the highest peaks are detailed in this new report.

“The holiday season is a particularly challenging time for demand forecasters and planners,” PredictHQ CEO Campbell Brown says. “They need to factor in the impact of increasingly cold weather, while also accounting for holiday travels and purchasing behaviors. Tracking events is key to getting your pricing, staff volume and inventory levels right, as a nearby event or cluster of events can send demand skyrocketing.Our Event Index reveals demand surges in cities all over the US, from Tucson to Baltimore to Minneapolis.”

The cities with the highest Event Index scores and therefore the most impacted by events are:

These scores are generated by a unique model applied to each of the 63 most populous US cities, calculated for each city’s baseline event activity based on five years of historical, verified event data and millions of events per location. For example, a score of an 18 in NYC will entail millions of people moving about the city, whereas a score of 18 in Wichita, Kansas will involve just over 100,000 people.

PredictHQ tracks 19 categories of events globally, including attendance-based events such as concerts and sports; non-attendance-based events such as school holidays and college dates, as well as unscheduled events such as severe weather incidents. This breadth of event coverage is critical for the Event Index, as the peak weeks are caused by many overlapping large and small events.

While the Event Index provides an accurate look ahead at people movement, it is designed to be a simple and accessible summary of the demand intelligence PredictHQ offers – particularly for large companies operating worldwide. Industry leaders in on-demand, accommodation, QSR and transportation use PredictHQ’s verified and enriched event data to inform staffing decisions, pricing and inventory strategies, and many other core business decisions.

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