Phoenix Children’s Chorus launches new choir program in Glendale

Phoenix Children’s Chorus is launching a new choir program in Glendale to serve the Northwest Valley that will provide music education, including literacy and performance, for children in kindergarten through 8th grade.

Poco Voce is a non-audited music exploration program for young singers in kindergarten through 2nd grade, while PCC Voices is an auditioned performing choir for grades 2 through 8. All experience levels are welcome. Choirs meet Wednesday evenings, September through mid-May at Highland Lakes School, 19000 N. 63rd Ave.

“Phoenix Children’s Chorus has enriched the lives of children from all over the Valley for nearly 30 years with our downtown Phoenix music program,” PCC Artistic Director Troy Meeker shared in a statement. “We want to bring the same world-class instruction right to local neighborhoods, with our newest choir coming to the Northwest Valley. Our goal is that every child who wants to sing will have a place at PCC.”

For kids in grades K-2, Poco Voce is a music exploration class that helps children to develop basic musical literacy and vocal skills. Students explore the fundamentals of music through age-appropriate teaching methods, and learn an appreciation for music while being given the tools to succeed in choral music.

“We know that music exposure prior to the age of 10 has a lifelong impact on music aptitude. As such, we have designed this program to provide all children access to quality music instruction,” Meeker stated.

PCC Voices is divided into two ensembles.

Vivo is PCC Voices’ youngest performing choir for kids in grades 2 through 5. While acquiring the building blocks of musicianship, choristers learn the value of practice and teamwork through the creative process. Choristers experience a variety of genres, foundational singing techniques, and performance opportunities. Vivace is PCC Voices’ intermediate choir for grades 5 through 8.

Choristers learn a wide range of music literacy concepts and choral singing techniques. Additionally, choristers deepen their abilities to read music, learn appropriate rehearsal and concert etiquette, and enjoy a supportive community of peers who are passionate about the arts.

Auditions for the Northwest Valley Voices Vivace choir take place Wednesday, Aug. 10 and Wednesday, Aug. 24 from 6 to 7 pm

Click here to sign up for Poco Voce or to audition.

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