Phoenix District Meets to discuss safety and economic development

TULSA, Okla. — Residents in North Tulsa gathered to discuss ways to improve their neighborhood and make it more safe.

Neighbors from the Phoenix district came together to brainstorm how to make their neighborhoods flourish.

The group, which is part of the Tulsa Planning Office, came together to brainstorm how to make their neighborhoods partnership program has met for three years now.

They tell me they’re focused on a bright future.

“The safety concern is just to get people involved to prevent accidents and crimes from happening,” Derrick Shelton said with the Phoenix district.

Shelton has been attending these vibrant neighborhood partnership meetings for three years. He said he and many of his neighbors joined because he wants his community to be safe and thriving.

“We are recruiting brains, boots, and hearts…brains…people with ideas, boots…people who can carry out the ideas, heart, people who love North Tulsa and justice,” Tracie Chandler, who is a resident in the neighborhood said.

These gatherings happen every other month. Tuesday’s meeting comes less than a week after a six-year-old girl was shot near Yale and Apache. One of the items of discussion, the Alert Neighbors Program. One of the items of discussion, the alert neighbors program. A program, Karen Gilbert, with the Tulsa Crime Stoppers said plays a huge role in crime reporting and the overall safety of neighborhoods.

“But along with calling the police on a suspicious car, we also work with residents on how to be a good witness,” Karen Gilbert, executive director with Tulsa Crime Stoppers said.

Shelton said community involvement is key in making positive change. He said these meetings are vital.

“And to bring people inside, to get more involved to help deterring the situation like what happened with the six-year-old,” Shelton said.

Tonight, the mother of the six-year-old said she is doing much better, progressing by the hour. She said she hopes her daughter will come off the ventilator tomorrow.

As for the neighborhood meeting, if you want to get involved, the next one scheduled is March 21st at the Greater Union Baptist Church.

For more on what the group discussed, including tree trimming and a pop-up concept, click here.

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