Phoenix drops for third year on list of world’s 100 best cities

PHOENIX — Noted for its rapid growth, arts, urban planning and — of course — sunshine, Phoenix is ​​still one of the world’s top metros according to Residence Consultancy’s World’s Best Cities 2023 list, albeit with a lower ranking.

Resonance, an advisory firm that focuses on real estate, tourism and economic development, ranked Arizona’s capital at No. 88, which indicates a continuing slide from No. 76 last year and no. 55 the year before.

But that downward shift might have more to do with the quick rise of many other global cities and less on any noticeable decline for Phoenix, which was the 22nd highest US city on the list. The report’s authors highlighted the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic that dramatically increased the possibility of remote work and in the process brought more secondary cities to the kind of prominence once reserved for just a handful of “superstar” metros.

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