Phoenix firefighters’ home in Glendale burglarized; dog and many other items went missing

For two Phoenix firefighters, 2022’s Christmas was anything but merry.

According to a Facebook post made by Jacob Normali on his Facebook profile, his house in Glendale was broken into on Christmas morning.

“Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of things were taken. Guns, all my personal information, birth certificate, social security card, passports, everything, gone. Hunting equipment, Christmas presents. Everything,” read a portion of the post.

In addition, one of Normali’s dog, Bear, is also missing.

“I don’t know if they took him or if he ran out as they left the gates and doors wide opened,” read a portion of Normali’s post. “I feel like a piece of me is missing and it will be until I get my boy back.”

Victims speak out

Normali’s post was made on Dec. 25, and we caught up with him on Dec. 26

“It does take away a great peace of mind living here,” said Normali. “We never thought this was gonna happen to us, and we never thought we were in an unsafe environment, and we like our neighborhood and we think it’s really safe, but this obviously changes that a little bit.”

Normali, along with Jake Walshire, were both working their overnight shifts at the fire station when the burglary happened. They think the suspect broke in through a sliding door. Tools were even used to cut through a safe.

Normali said it is important to find his dog.

“The next step is just to find my dog ​​and try to not pretend it didn’t happen, but try to just go back to our normal lives,” said Normali.

Walshire says neighbors are helping out, as a police investigation continues.

“Our neighbors have come together and help compile a Ring footage and their security cameras, and they’ve been sending us stuff to try and give the police, so they can maybe put something together,” said Walshire.

Anyone with information on the burglary should contact police.

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