Phoenix is ​​hiring investigators after revealing a gross memento to police for shooting a man in the groin during Trump’s protest

Court documents show Police Chief Jeri Williams has known about Challenge Coins for 2 years but has taken no action.

PHOENIX – The city of Phoenix on Monday announced the hiring of an outside law firm to investigate a so-called “challenge coin” created by police officers to mark the shooting of a protester in the groin four years ago after a rally by President Donald Trump .

The investigation comes two years after Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams testified that she knew about the coin but did nothing about it.

The coin was made by a police on duty in Phoenix at the rally downtown. It marks the shooting of the pepper ball with a coin that plays off a Trump slogan: “Make America great again, one nut at a time.”

The other side of the coin bears the phrase “Good Night Left Nut” according to published reports.

A patch with this phrase and the picture of a man hit in the groin was marketed online after the shooting.

The sentence has also been compared to a neo-Nazi slogan: “Good night, left side.”

The coins are usually shared among the officers.

Williams now declares the commemorative “unacceptable”, despite court documents showing she knew about it at least in August 2019.

The coin came in Williams ‘deposit for a federal lawsuit alleging that police behavior in the streets around the Phoenix Convention Center violated protesters’ civil rights.

Here is a passage from Williams’ affidavit when she was shown a picture of the coin:

Question: Do you know that some officials in your department created Challenge Coins for what happened during this incident?

QQ Did you take any steps to inquire how such an image was created in your department?

Q: Do you think it appropriate for the police to create a picture of someone who was injured by your police officers firing ammunition during a demonstration?

Williams: It’s never good to make fun of people, period. So it’s not good.

Q: Is that what would lead to discipline?

Williams: It depends. It depends on all of the circumstances.

Williams: It depends on the officer’s tenure, the previous disciplinary history that created it. It depends on many different factors what leads to discipline.

After the existence of the coin was made public, the City of Phoenix ordered an outside investigation by the law firm Ballard & Spahr.

Williams published this statement:

“This is unacceptable and is not what my officers expected. Not only do I expect more, I ask more of my officers. It will not be tolerated.

“Hate speech in any form is unacceptable, especially by civil servants, whom we rightly adhere to the highest quality standards.

“It will not be tolerated. We will take disciplinary action against officials engaged in illegal or unethical conduct. ”

Michael “Britt” London, President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, made the following statement:

“The role of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association is to promote the positive role of the police profession, a task we do not take lightly. We do not condone hatred in any form; we as police officers do not stand for that. Recent reports of the creation of one controversial Challenge Coin are worrying and we trust that a thorough investigation will provide additional information as to when appropriate action can be taken. “

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