Phoenix is ​​the fastest growing city in the US for the fifth year in a row

Say “Hello” to 25,194 new neighbors. They pushed Phoenix forward and this is the fifth year in a row that it’s the fastest growing city in America.

Phoenix’s 25,194 new residents this year are slightly below the 10-year average of 25,912. However, Phoenix continues to make up most of Maricopa County’s population growth. Almost four in ten new residents of the county choose to live in the city of Phoenix.

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According to 2020 estimates by the US Census Bureau, Phoenix now has more than 1.7 million residents and more new residents than any other city. Phoenix’s 1.5 percent growth rate is below the county’s 1.9 percent growth rate.

The city is still the fifth largest U.S. city after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, but Chicago and Los Angeles population losses were about the same as Phoenix, according to the census. New York City lost the equivalent of Goodyear’s population.

Queen Creek outpaced Arizona population growth by 10.0 percent. The population increased from 55,000 in 2019 to 60,097 in 2020, making the city the seventh fastest growing percentage in the United States, second in Arizona with a growth rate of 7 percent.

Phoenix is ​​also a leader in 10 year population growth, Almost 260,000 people have been added since 2010, which corresponds to a population increase of 18.1 percent. San Antonio’s 10-year rise of 234,000 is the second largest in the nation, also an 18.1 percent jump in population.

Although it would take Phoenix decades to add the 600,000 residents it takes to pass Houston as the fourth largest U.S. city, Houston’s rate of growth has remained unchanged since Hurricane Harvey in 2018. This year the city of Texas gained 400 residents. However, due to the population losses in Chicago, Houston is in close proximity to the city of Illinois to be the third largest city in the country when it returns to pre-hurricane growth.

Tucson is still Arizona’s second largest city, with a population growth of 0.8 percent to 553,571, an increase of 4,610 people. Mesa grew 1.9 percent, bringing the population to 528,129. At that rate, they will overtake Tucson as the second largest city in five years.

The next three most populous cities in Arizona are Chandler (265,398, up 1.6 percent), Scottsdale (262,647, also down 1.6 percent) and Gilbert (257,658, up 1.4 percent). In terms of percentage growth according to Queen Creek and Buckeye, Marana and Casa Grande grew 4.5 percent, and Maricopa and Goodyear grew 4.4 percent, respectively.

According to the census estimates, Phoenix added more than 24 states. Maricopa County added more than 36 states’ population. Phoenix population growth also exceeded the combined growth numbers of Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado.

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