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PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Chris Pospisil has been renting a small room from a friend for two years. But he just found out that he needs to move. “She’s planning to move or sell the house so I need a new place to live with me, my four dogs,” said Pospisil.

Chris Pospisil lost about $ 1,100.

So Pospisil did what a lot of people do. He searched online for a rental property and found a Phoenix home on Craigslist. “It looked good for me and my dogs,” said Pospisil. The property had exactly what Pospisil wanted. A washing machine and dryer with additional costs.

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Pospisil contacted the person who had listed the rent and the two began exchanging emails and text messages. “It fits perfectly with the monthly extension of option rents,” said Pospisil. He asked if he could visit the rental property but received “no” as it was occupied by another tenant who was moving out. So, he said, had to rely on the photos. “They had pictures, showed the pictures from the outside, from the inside, everything was empty,” said Pospisil.

Phoenix rental fraud

Although the photos show an empty home, Pospisil was told that the person who lived inside would soon be outside.

Although the photos show an empty home, Pospisil was told that the person who lived inside would soon be outside. Pospisil filled out a rental application and submitted an electronic deposit of more than a thousand dollars through his cell account. “I sent them $ 1,165,” said Pospisil.

After receiving a receipt, Pospisil went to the property in Phoenix to meet the so-called owner and get the keys. But this so-called owner never showed up. However, according to Pospisil, someone else did it.

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“Someone stopped and said, ‘Why are you knocking on my door?’ And I say, “Well, I was told I was going to rent this place out. I sent you money. “And she says,” Yes, I live here. I’m not renting out the place. “And she told me this happened before anyone had pictures of her place,” said Pospisil.

PD: 2nd arrest related to Phoenix rental fraud that leaves victims homeless

It’s a scam that 3 On Your Side has exposed over and over again in previous news. It’s called Craigslist Rental Scam and its characteristics are all the same.

  • Scammers steal legitimate rental pictures from other online ads and then repost them as their own.
  • The rent is always cheap to attract you.
  • Victims never physically meet a person such as a property manager or homeowner on the job site. Instead, communication usually takes place via emails or texts.
  • Finally, the scammer will always ask you to send money electronically using MoneyGram, Western Union or, in the case of Pospisil, cell.

3 On Your Side tried to call the Conman. However, the number has already been disconnected and the scammer has a different phone number to lure more victims. Pospisil says he should have seen the signs.

Phoenix man cheated in constant rental fraud

The listing was too good to be true.

“When I saw something that was too good to be true, I just made up my mind and didn’t think clearly. I was just so desperate to finally find a place that just seemed legitimate,” said Pospisil.

Phoenix rental fraud

Remember, if ever you are asked to send money electronically and you have never met the person, you are being caught in a scam. And once the money is gone, it’s gone forever.

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