Phoenix man identified as a hiker who fell from Papago Mountain

Joel Brotherton, 33, fell 30 to 40 feet from Hole in the Rock.

PHOENIX – Joel Brotherton’s mother, Karen Rose, says he loved the outdoors, played the guitar and wrote songs.

On Saturday, 33-year-old Brotherton was hiking through the hole in the rock in Papago Park when he fell 30 to 40 feet, according to witnesses. It is unclear what exactly happened.

The Phoenix Fire Technical Teams were dispatched and taken down the mountain, where he was then taken to a nearby trauma center.

Unfortunately he died the next morning.

Rose says Brotherton just got a new sales job. He was a Thunderbird High School mascot in 2005. He was passionate and creative and had a good sense of humor.

Investigators did not say whether or not Brotherton went astray, but visitors find it easy to get distracted and get off the path.

“Many of these mountains are steep. So we have a term that we like to call trailblazing, and that means staying on the path. These paths are not without reason. You go out of the way, there are loose stones and loose dirt, and that’s where fall injuries happen, ”said Todd Keller, a Phoenix Fire Department captain.

Phoenix Fire also encourages hikers to stay hydrated – even though temperatures are in the 70s and 80s, the heat can still come your way and try not to hike alone.

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