Phoenix Protocol Exotic Chest – Destiny 2

Phoenix Protocol is an exotic chest piece for Well Warlocks in Destiny 2 that significantly increases their super generation.

The Phoenix Protocol is an exotic warlock chestpiece that was introduced to Destiny 2 during the first major expansion, Forsaken. Many new exotic species have been added since then, but none manage to fly under the radar like the Phoenix Protocol. It has a pretty modest advantage, but if used at the right time, you can basically always have your Super ready to go.

Phoenix protocol

The Phoenix Protocol is all about using your Well of Radiance to eliminate groups of enemies, rather than pure Boss DPS. This is usually contrary to what most players are used to, as Well is used almost exclusively in raids to allow teams to do more damage.

Battle Hearth

Destiny 2 Phoenix Protocol

Battle Hearth is the exotic perk of the Phoenix Protocol. This perk is all about getting kills while standing in your Well of Radiance.

  • Kills and helps you return super energy while standing in your Well of Radiance.

This is an incredibly straightforward benefit. When you and your team stand in your Well of Radiance and get kills, you get super energy. The returns are pretty high, especially in areas where you need to eliminate a lot of enemies – like certain public events.

When is the Phoenix Protocol used?

Destiny 2 Phoenix Protocol When To Use
The Phoenix Protocol is best used when you are guaranteed to get lots of kills or assists from allies in your Well of Radiance.

As mentioned above, the Phoenix Protocol is best used when you know you are in one spot and you will be shooting a lot of enemies. This is especially useful in places like the Blind Well, where the only goal is to hold a location, certain encounters during raids, and even during some Nightfall Strikes where you are attacked by waves of enemies.

You wouldn’t use the Phoenix protocol for boss damage phases like when fighting the final boss of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. It will only be of value if you can get lots of kills.

It remains to be seen whether this happens frequently enough to warrant its use over another exotic. Lunafaction boots still remain a top choice to support your team despite their nerf.

How to Obtain the Phoenix Protocol

The Phoenix Protocol is only available by chance through Exotic Sources or Xur. This means you either have to buy it from Xur on the weekend or be lucky with your exotic drops. Fortunately, you can get multiple exotic engrams through the Season Pass and quit Nightfalls to test more exotic ones.

Transmission of the Phoenix Protocol

Destiny 2 Phoenix Protocol Lore

Do not mourn the dying star. His death ignites a newer life and so the wheel turns again.

“Warlocks are invading Titan territory, I tell you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, first I started losing fistfights with them in the Crucible. It’s an affront to everything that titans stand for. If Wei-Ning were here she would die of shame!”

“I’m sure she would honestly love it.”

“That doesn’t matter. That fancy crack thing? It’s basically Ward of Dawn.”

“It doesn’t block ballistics.”

“But it does everything else! It’s the same as the station we had before the Red Legion! It’s downright plagiaristic!”

“It doesn’t make people blind either.”

“Won’t you just let me have my indignation?”

The Phoenix Protocol is a powerful exotic warlock chestpiece that is best used when you want to clear out large waves of enemies. Hit Well of Radiance and enjoy a continuous stream of super energy. For more exotic armor recommendations, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide!

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