Phoenix Suns’ 2021 NBA title chances are skyrocketing

The Phoenix Suns led the Denver Nuggets 3-0 in their best-of-seven semifinals of the NBA playoff series on Friday with a 116-102 win in Denver.

NBA quota makers became aware of this.

After the game, many increased the Suns’ chances of winning the 2021 NBA final.

Phoenix is ​​now third on several lists to win the NBA championship this season after the title chances for 2021 soared.

In early April, Phoenix was 38/1 to win the NBA title in one side odds, 10th in the NBA.

There have been 142 playoff series in NBA history in which an NBA team had a 3-0 lead over an opponent.

The teams with the 3-0 lead have never lost a series.

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The Phoenix Suns NBA title odds

MyBookie has the suns at +450 for the title. Only the Brooklyn Nets (+130) and Utah Jazz (+300) are preferred to continue winning the title.

FanDuel has Phoenix at +480, behind the Nets (+125) and Jazz (+290).

Vegas Insider puts the Suns at +500, the Nets at +130 and the Jazz at +275 in its title odds.

Bovada has the suns at +450, just behind the Nets (+130) and the Jazz (+275).

Chris Amberley of Sports Betting Dime took a look at the Sun’s odds surge.

He wrote: “The Phoenix Suns are looking more and more like serious title contenders every day. After dismantling LeBron James and the defending champions in six games, the Suns now have a 3-0 stranglehold on reigning MVP Nikola Jokic and Denver Nuggets, after another comfortable 116-102 win in Game 3 of their 2nd round … This Nuggets team certainly doesn’t look like it could make history, which means Phoenix is ​​likely to do that Western Conference Finals are bound to be where they “We are one step closer to winning the first title in the franchise. Oddsmakers have responded quickly to the meteoric rise of the sun by slashing their NBA Championship odds to +480. Phoenix started the playoffs as 25th : 1-Longshot to win it all, but the price was lowered to +1000 before the 2nd round, after Game 2 against Denver it was further reduced to +600, but even now at +480 the price is the Suns is still significantly higher than that of the conference enemy Utah.

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The Phoenix Suns aren't quite number 1 in terms of winning the 2021 NBA title, but they're rising after taking a 3-0 lead over the Denver Nuggets.

Phoenix Suns NBA title chances

The Ringer has the Suns with a 23 percent chance of winning the NBA title now, second in the NBA behind the Jazz (38%).

The Philadelphia 76ers are at 18% and the Nets at 12%.

FiveThirtyEight has the Suns with a 20% chance of winning the championship, The Jazz have a 31% chance according to this side and the Nets have a 21% chance.

Basketball Reference gives the Suns a 17.5% chance of the title, behind the Jazz (46.3%) and the 76ers (15.1%).

ESPN is the lowest of Phoenix’s title chances, putting the team in fourth place in the NBA at 11.8%, behind the Jazz (34.8%), Nets (26%) and 76ers (20.5%).

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Why are Suns’ odds so much higher than Jazz’s?

As Amberley wrote above, the Suns’ chances are still much higher than the Jazz’s for the 2021 NBA title.

Should they be?

Phoenix lost just one game less than Utah in the regular season and won all three regular season matchups against the Jazz.

If they met in the Western Conference finals, the Jazz would have number 1 seeded home advantages, so the odds makers might really take that into account.

Of course, the Suns have to deal with the Nuggets first in their first round streak, and the Jazz, who beat the Clippers 2-0 on Saturday in Game 3 of their series, have to get past Los Angeles.

Then the question of whether the Jazz or the second-placed Suns are the better team may be at stake on the pitch with a berth in the 2021 NBA final.

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