Phoenix Suns: 3 players to prove their worth this year

In 30 years … a former NBA player sits huddled in the dark corner of a bar mumbling stories about how he used to play for “the great Phoenix Suns team” that terrorized his opponents for the entire 2021-22 season. However, few take him seriously and do not remember his minimal contributions to the team.

Down the street, another former player sits in a much finer establishment, surrounded by fans and supporters. Everyone knows who he is and how much he contributed to Phoenix’s winning efforts that same year.

Back to now, the Suns are just starting this highly anticipated season, bringing 15 players to training camp this week. Awarded the sixth highest odds for the NBA Finals, the Suns appear poised to shake the league.

We know that players like Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, and essentially the entire starting XI, plan to be very committed to the team this year and become that celebrated player in the future. However, the same cannot be said of everyone else.

A few question marks still appear over Phoenix’s rotation. Because of this, they all feel a little less connected to the suns and their future as a franchise.

Whether they’re players trying to return from injury, signing big deals, or just staying in the NBA, they all have a lot at stake this season as they try to prove themselves as worthy Suns . Here are the ones who definitely need to go upstairs if they want to avoid becoming the ex-sun in the bar that no one remembers.

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