Phoenix Suns angry and frustrated with officials, lakers, and injuries

The Phoenix Suns found a ray of hope ahead of Thursday’s third game in Los Angeles.

Coach Monty Williams said beleaguered star guard Chris Paul was better and a direct hit for Phoenix’s matchup against the Lakers.

Didn’t play like that.

The Phoenix Suns are more than frustrated with this Lakers range – enough to make you throw Dennis Schroder through the air – and the solutions aren’t particularly clear.

Phoenix fans may not support Devin Booker’s cheap foul, but they definitely get it.

(Booker just said, “We lost the game. We want to win.”)

It’s bad enough for the Suns to watch two of the NBA’s more talented players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, criticize the game’s disregard by choosing their seats to increase the effort.

But trying to thwart the Big Two with one arm behind your back only increases the disgust.

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