Phoenix Suns Area reopens for fans to watch basketball games


Limited capacity seating in the Phoenix Suns Arena

For the first time in almost a year Phoenix Suns fans can purchase tickets to see the team play in person in the newly renovated Phoenix Suns Arena.

The fans are back in the arena on Monday evening and the evening before Healthcare workers received tickets for you and your loved ones.

There are some big changes taking place within the arena. Some are linked to COVID-19, but more notably, the experience has been improved thanks to $ 230 million in renovations.

The suns limit the fans to 1,500 people, well below the total capacity of the arena. Still, the excitement of being back filled the air.

“It was just a great thing to see everyone walk in yesterday. 1,500 people were noisy even with masks on. We require people to wear masks when they are not actively eating or drinking,” said Jason Rowley, president of Phoenix Suns.

COVID-19 Related Changes to Phoenix Suns Games

Currently, fans can only sit on the brand new seats in groups of two or four. There are several signs that help people keep their distance and all transactions are contactless

Plexiglass is in the registers, there is a take away area and two new bar areas. Rowley says fans do their part to ensure everyone is safe.

“We only had two reported incidents last night and when people got a warning there was no problem beyond that,” he said.

Fans will receive two warnings and asked to exit the arena if they continue to violate security protocols.

There is a money conversion machine in the arena. So if you bring cash you won’t be able to use it at the registers, but you can convert it to a debit card – and use it to pay concessions.

Impact on nearby business

Local businesses look forward to bringing downtown Phoenix back to life.

“We kind of got used to not having people down here, so every number down here is a step in the right direction,” said Donnie Phillippi of the Crown Public House, adding, “Since she started vaccinating, she could you just feel that they exist. ” more energy. More people walk around downtown at night. “

The Suns expect to increase their fan capacity to 3,000 people from Feb. 16.

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