Phoenix swept into Campbellsville | a double bill Lebanon

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville used a late home run in the first game to push the Tigers to a 6-2 win, and followed with two big innings for an 11-4 win in the second game to take the double header over Cumberland.

The series, which was postponed by one day due to the rainy weather forecast, ended yesterday morning with a 4-2 win for Cumberland in the finals of the opening series of the MId-South Conference of the season.

In game one, the phoenix Payton Rice ran to the hill with the start. Rice got off to a solid start until he ran into trouble in the eighth inning and gave Jaylin Turner a triple home run that ended his day.

Rice went seven full innings, hitting ten, while giving up six runs in loss.

Brady Tedesco started for Campbellsville on the hill and went five innings and hit seven. Reliever Trestyn DuMilieu threw the last four innings without allowing a Cumberland base runner. He hit five on the way to the Campbellsville win.

Cumberland got on first after Ethan Shelton scored a two-out mistake by the right fielder who advanced to second base. Pablo Custodio, the clean-up batsman, got him in the middle with a single to give Phoenix an early lead.

The Phoenix added that lead in the third when Chandler led Hughes away from the inning with a double in the gap. Joey Fregosi followed him on a rope to the right to bring him in.

Campbellsville tied it in the lower half of the inning after the first two batters hit. Campbellsville tried to put them in second and third but failed, leaving the runners in first and second.

The leader Colton Titus certainly colored for a single and to load the bags. Prize hitter Jeremiah Lawson was drilled off the field to score a run and Noah Amenta hit a sack fly to tie the game.

Both starters had a tear through the fourth and fifth innings and allowed no harm, but Rice let one get away with a runner on the third of him to give up the lead 3-2 in the sixth.

The Tigers started the eighth inning with two straight singles before prize hitter Jaylin Turner hit a three-run bombshell to put Campbellsville 6-2 ahead. DuMilieu did the rest of the time to end the Phoenix Offensive and end the game.

In the second game, Cumberland jumped to the top again early as the Phoenix hit four singles in a row to start the game. Custodio hit the last single in the range and gave Cumberland a 2-0 lead.

Campbellsville responded with a run in the bottom half of the inning. Dutton Elske led the third inning with a home run to end the game 2-2.

After CU starter Conner Dunnam Noah Amenta fell, a wild pitch moved him and Bryan Javier brought him in with a single. Sam Fagerness roped one down the line to add another in the third, 4-2 Tigers.

Early in the fourth round, Tyler Jones led the inning with a hit from a pitch, and Josh Morgane made a mistake when he triple Tyler Stokes on the right field line to get both of them into play and tie the game.

The fourth inning saw three Cumberland pitchers as Campbellsville scored four runs with three hits and two hits with pitches and a walk. The inning gave Campbellsville an 8–4 lead.

The Tigers extended their lead after a triple fifth inning.

Cumberland will host Milligan on Tuesday at Woody Hunt Stadium / Ernest L. Stockton Field for a double header at noon.

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