Phoenix Water Wrangler training begins this month


Phoenix is ​​asking the community to donate its time to help others learn about the importance of water conservation.

“The current Colorado River water shortage is a strong reminder of how important it is for everyone to reduce their water use,” city officials stated in a release. “The innovative Water Wrangler program will teach people about water and empower them to share their knowledge with others. It is an excellent opportunity for community-minded people looking to be a positive influence.”

The Water Wrangler program includes a 12-hour training program that spans four sessions and covers Water 101, Utility Operations, Water Resources and Conservation and Outreach Education.

After completing Phoenix Water Wrangler Institute, participants receive a Certificate of Participation and a shirt. In addition, they will get opportunities to serve as community representatives at local events, public meetings and City of Phoenix programs.

“Because the current drought is so severe, we all must think differently and act differently,” Mayor Kate Gallego said. “Now, more than ever, we need good stewards who can share information about how to wisely use this precious resource. By becoming a Water Wrangler, you’ll serve your community by teaching neighbors how to be part of the solution.”

These are the requirements to participate: ​

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be able to successfully complete the pre-service training
  • Enjoy public speaking, community development and working with diverse groups of people
  • Be creative, responsible, organized, flexible and self-motivated

Training sessions start June 30 on Thursdays: July 14, 21 and 28 (6-8 pm)

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