Phoenix woman robbed at gunpoint over two French Bulldog puppies

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — A woman in Phoenix is ​​traumatized after her French Bulldog puppies were stolen at gunpoint. Savannah Lathen bought Deuce and Lulu earlier this month. She claims someone she knows came into her home Friday intending to steal them.

“I had a friend over, someone who I thought was a friend,” he said. “He came that night to set me up and steal my puppies.”

Lathen says he briefly left and said he would return but instead came back armed. “He came back with a guy, and a ski mask, and they had guns. They ran inside my house, and they stole my puppies off the couch,” she said.

Surveillance video from the apartment complex shows two men running back to their cars with the puppies. She immediately called the police, who arrived within minutes. Police are actively investigating the incident. “I made several posts about my puppies on all social media platforms,” said Lathen.

Then, she said she got a message online from someone claiming to have both puppies. “I got one message from them, and I facetimed them right away, and I saw my puppies sitting in their lap,” she said.

That stranger claims they bought Lulu and Deuce through Snapchat for $2,000. “I sent them to an address, they got here in less than 20 minutes with my puppies,” Lathen said.

When asked if she thought the people who returned the dog were part of the crime, she said she had to pay for her puppies to get them back. She tells us she’s out thousands of dollars but says it’s worth it to finally be reunited. “They’re home and they’re safe and I can watch them all the time now, and this is where they belong,” she said.

Savanah is frustrated because she identified one of the men involved, has their license plate and the parking lot video. However, police still have not made an arrest.

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