Phoenix Zoo welcomes 21 endangered black-footed ferret kits

PHOENIX (KVOA) – The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation at the Phoenix Zoo welcomed 21 endangered black-footed ferret kits Tuesday.

The kits consist of four throws for mothers, lazuli, yoshi, ridley and mandolin.

“This is already our most successful breeding season for black-footed ferrets at the Johnson Conservation Center since 2016,” says Dr. Tara Harris, director of conservation and science at Phoenix Zoo. “Fortunately, three more women may be pregnant so we may have additional kits soon.

The new kits are placed in specially designed cave boxes with their mothers while they are being reared.

“The ferret mothers are doing a fantastic job with the new kits,” said Harris. “Some will likely be for release into the wild, while others will be kept for the breeding program. Wherever these kits go, we are proud to know that they will play a role in restoring this iconic style. “

In addition to breeding endangered species, the zoo also sells limited “Save our BFFS” T-shirts. According to the zoo, the proceeds will go towards protecting black-footed ferrets as well as any other animal that lives in the zoo.

The Johnson Conservation Center, the zoo’s showroom specially reserved for breeding native species, is one of six facilities in the world that breed black-footed ferrets for release into the wild.

The Conservation Center also breeds narrow-headed garter snakes, ferruginous cactus pygmy owls, and Chiricahua leopard frogs.

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Editor’s Note: This article was written by Haley Epstein of News 4 Tucson.

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