Photographer creates website to help find Tucson murals and artists

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — BG Boyd has been a photographer in Tucson for 10 years. He bought a drone at the start of the pandemic to pass the time and then quickly picked up a long-term project.

“Eventually I came up with the idea that it would be cool to get out and take some pictures of all the murals around town from a different angle with the drone,” Boyd said.

Every few weeks, Boyd shot photos and videos of murals he could find around town. Now he’s documented a total of 150.

“I already had a website for my photography, so I just added a murals sub-page and I uploaded all the photos and videos there.”

His website also names the location and artist of each mural.

“After I take the pictures of the mural, I need to find out who to credit, often the name will be in a big box. Sometimes it’s not.”

Boyd spends time researching each artist and including their information on his site. He wants to give them recognition and new customers.

“My hope was to bring more attention to the mural scene in Tucson, and provide a tool to people to go on their own mural hunts or if they find a mural to find out who did it.”

Boyd says this is only the beginning. He plans to keep adding to his log of Tucson’s murals for years to come. Click here for the mural page on his website.




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