Plantae grows to new space in Flagstaff | to fill the house and garden

Chelsea Tomas opens a store in downtown Flagstaff for her company Plantae.

SVEA CONRAD special for the sun

For some, houseplants are a breeze, those green thumb types who spend a small amount of time each day tending to their harvest: sunlight, water, words of encouragement, repetition. Seamless. But for the rest of us, arguably a larger percentage of the population, indoor plants – as leafy and beautiful as they may be – fall more into the love / hate dynamic. You know the problem that it is never possible to keep house plants alive?

Enter Plantae Flagstaff, the local spot for seasoned houseplant tenders and newbies, and answer your question, “What is my monstera eating?” or: “How do I repot this succulent?” or: “What can I buy that cannot be killed?” Ask.

Plantae, the brainchild of Chelsea Tomas, the green thumb, was born of troubled times like many companies that have emerged recently. During the pandemic, the longtime Grand Canyon guide was suddenly unemployed. She had led for more than 15 years. As with others in the past year, difficulties and unexpected changes in everyday life, impossible as they may seem, have allowed creativity and innovation to flourish like weeds in the cracks.

“When the quarantine arrived, I was unemployed for three months,” says Tomas. “I’ve always had a thing for indoor plants – I have a few hundred – and I started thinking about it [starting Plantae] then. I got back to work, but kept thinking about it. “

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