Police officers keep an eye out for scammers who have created a fake hotel website to deceive potential customers

A three-star hotel management from South Mumbai has reported to the police that someone had created a fake website for the hotel to deceive unsuspecting customers with cheap and lucrative offers posing as hotel management.

According to the police MRA Marg, the complainant in the case is the hotel manager. The hotel management had prepared the hotel’s website for online advertising. The website also includes photos, hotel locations, hotel information, and contact numbers. On January 2nd, one of the hotel’s regular customers told hotel staff that they had come across a hotel website that had a number on the side. The customer had called the hotel to see if the website was real or not.

“The hotel manager immediately surfed the Internet and came across the hotel’s fake website. According to the complainant, the number given there did not belong to the hotel administration. He then called the number listed on the page and the call was answered by a Rashid Shaikh who claimed to be working at the hotel. When the complainant inquired about a hotel reservation, Shaikh provided him with a bank account number and asked him to make an advance payment. The victim then realized that the scammer had created a fake hotel website to deceive potential customers, “said one police officer.

The hotel manager then informed the senior hotel authorities and received a report from the police. The police have registered a case under Section 419 (Punishment for Identity Fraud) of India’s Criminal Code and Sections 66 (Computer Crimes), 66C (Punishment for Identity Theft), and 66D (Punishment for Identity Fraud Using Computer Resources). of the Information Technology Act.

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Posted on Thursday January 6th, 2022 11:00 PM IST

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