Police on alert as mob tries to storm Flagstaff home – FBC News

[Source: Sam Gasamu/Twitter]

Police have cordoned off part of Rewa Street in Suva after an alleged mob attack on Viti Vou premises this evening.

A reliable source has informed FBC News that more than 50 youth armed with sticks, rocks and empty glass bottles stoned Viti Vou premises.

Information shared on social media shows that these youths marched through Nailuva towards Rewa Street.

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However, the situation is believed to have been controlled by the consolidated efforts of Police and Fire Officers who were at the scene this evening.

Motorists who were taking the Rewa Street route early this evening were redirected for their own safety.

Earlier today, the Police Incident Management Team received information of an alleged plan of attack against the occupants of the Viti Vou premises along Flagstaff.

Police say more than 50 officers were mobilized and deployed to the scene and managed to contain the incident and the youths were dispersed.

Police say the occupants of the home were asked to relocate for their safety.

Police are trying to get the President of the Lomaiviti Rugby Club to assist them in quelling the situation before another incident or attack occurs.

The IMT will remain operational until the Police can resolve these issues.

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