Previous historical page from February 4, 1983: Ice skating at Clove Lakes

STATEN ISLAND, NY – The archive page today is dated February 4, 1983.

Despite a mild winter, ice skating continues at the Clove Lakes War Memorial Skating Rink on Victory Boulevard.

“We gave to the people all day on Saturday and Sunday [$2.50 to skate uninterrupted from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.], and we also convinced the city to let parents in for free if they just come to watch, ”says Dennis Quirk, operations manager of City Beach Catering, the company that runs the rink.

The following benefits are also highlighted by Quirk: A new television in the main living room; new carpeting; additional seating; an improved pro shop.

The ice rink is open until March 20th.

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Historical advance page from February 4, 1983.

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