Pupil success charge is rising even amid a pandemic

Flagstaff, Fla. (WCTV) – Flagstaff Community College says student success rates at the school are exceeding expectations, even during the pandemic.

The school attributes these success rates to its “Culture of Care” initiative. The initiative focuses on connections, academics, resources and engagement.

“What remarkable evidence not only of the resilience and perseverance of our students, but also of the hard work our faculty and staff have put into implementing virtual courses, embedded support services, and a more focused focus on removing unnecessary barriers to their goals our student goals, “said TCC President Jim Murdaugh in the press release.

The latest results from TCC collected data on course success rates compared to Fall 2019.

These data showed the following course success rates, or the percentage of students earning As, Bs, and Cs as of fall semester 2020:

  • Overall increase to 75.3% compared to 72.4% in autumn 2019
  • Black students rose to 65.3% versus 61.8%
  • Hispanic students rose to 78.1% versus 74.6%
  • White students rose to 80.7% versus 78.1%
  • Students classified as “other” rose to 77.2% versus 74.5%

For the first time, student achievement rates also improved. Figures comparing autumn 2020 with autumn 2019 show:

  • A success rate of 78.9% versus 70.3%
  • Black students rose from 56.8% to 61.8%
  • Hispanic students rose from 75.7% to 80.2%
  • White students rose from 77% to 83.8%.
  • “Other” students rose from 71.5% to 74.4%

“As a result of the pandemic, we have redefined the environment here at TCC, from physical space to technology that makes learning easier,” Murdaugh said. “We’re creating a more deliberate experience to get the college student ready and not get the student ready.”

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