Questioned and criticized Kody’s role in his marriage

What exactly did Kody himself provide for his children and his wives when Kody’s wives earn the family allowance and raise the children? Something?

As the Brown family battles through the COVID-19 lockdown on Sister Wives last season, viewers are starting to see a pattern. As the women work to raise money for the family, raise the kids, and spend less time with Kody as they try to navigate the lockdown, fans wonder what Kody is doing to one of his families. He is not the breadwinner, he does not raise the children, and he does not work to strengthen his marriage. What role does he play in his own marriage?

Kody moved his family to Flagstaff, Arizona with the intent of bringing them all into one large, bespoke home. Unfortunately, the property is still empty without planning and without all women on board. There does not appear to be any progress in construction, and all the while the family continues to pay for the four different houses they currently live in. Despite the fact that Kody moved his wives and children to Flagstaff specifically to build this house, he has not interfered with the building. Chalk it up as one more thing Kody doesn’t.

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When fans first met Kody Brown, he was vaguely referring to working in “ad sales.” Kody was never seen at work, and when his wives started their own online businesses and the family talked about their financial troubles, the audience got the picture that Kody was either not working or not working enough to support his family to care. Kody doesn’t do much with most of his kids either. He’s going to have a playful moment here or there, but it’s terrifying when he’s trying to have a lengthy interaction with one of them, such as when he’s trying to persuade his daughter to delay a much-needed surgery because of this timing was not appropriate for him. Some viewers went to Reddit to discuss what, if anything, Kody is actually doing.

One fan said, “I don’t think he plays a role. He doesn’t offer, he doesn’t organize, he doesn’t lead, he doesn’t offer parents, he doesn’t offer emotional support, he doesn’t offer camaraderie. All he really does is destroy self-esteem, look past houses and wreak havoc. “Another added that Kody didn’t act like a father to his children, saying,” You don’t look after them and you are like a visiting friend to their mother’s? None of this really makes sense. “Although Kody seems to be a capable patriarch of the family, he has failed time and again.

A Redditor pointed out that Kody had a role in relation to the Browns’ fundamentalist Mormon beliefs, which he fulfilled, albeit not well. One fan explained, “Kody was and is the priesthood holder of the family … Kody is the leader and the women are the followers … Kody says his children and wives should just be blindly faithful to him and the sense of individuality or concern for Kody is beyond confusing for him. “That description seems to capture exactly how Kody is acting on the screen.

Season after season, the audience watches as Kody lets his multiple marriages fall apart like he’s some kind of helpless bystander. He’s hard to feel sorry for for having made so many of the bad decisions that got him and his family to this point. Most fans seem to reserve their compassion first for the kids their parents couldn’t choose, and then for the women who didn’t seem to understand that this was the life they signed up for. The consensus on Reddit seemed to be that Kody’s only contribution to the family was half of what it takes to have a baby.

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