Rain does not deter Tucson MLK march

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A cold, steady rain did not the people prepare to march in this year’s parade for Martin Luther King. Marchers see the march as a matter of dedication.

The history of the Civil Rights movement is full of dangerous marches into hostile conditions so a little rain was not going to stop Tucson’s march.

The march began with a prayer:

“Let us pray. Father, even in the midst of rain, we thank you. Thank you for being faithful. We thank you for being the God of justice. We thank You oh God for the leadership and sacrifice of Doctor King.”

To remember Doctor Martin Luther King, his legacy, and the hopes to build on his achievements, some determined marchers gathered on Martin Luther King Way to push through the rain in his honor. Organizer, Pastor Grady Scott knows Doctor King and other activists faced arrest, beatings and murder when they marched for civil rights.

Pastor Scott says, “Doctor King endured more than what we’re enduring right now and so we’re grateful to be able to celebrate this day.”

The march ran almost four miles. Marchers moved north on Kino Parkway and east over the 22nd Street Bridge towards a celebration at Reid Park.

They included Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero.

Daniel Linden, III made a point of marching with his daughter.

He says, “What is important is to keep the dream going essentially, we want to make sure, the young generation, they are fully aware of the sacrifice of the older generation and you know what, we want to make sure they understand that although we’ve come a long way there’s still a long way to go.”




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