Random: Do Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’s Outfits Harbor A Revealing Secret?

Right, it’s a slow Monday afternoon, the entire US is on holiday, and E3 week Geoff Keighley’s Not E3 is next week, so all the video games are hiding until then. Dear readers, there is not a lot happening right now.

Except this bombshell of a discovery in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, that is! It turns out that the hex code for the color of Phoenix Wright’s suit, and the hex code for that very particular shade of burgundy on Edgeworth’s suit, spell out some very interesting secrets…

today i learned the most live changing information and you need to see it too pic.twitter.com/bG1TfTP10v— hannah✨ (@louiseyhannah) May 30, 2022

Never mind that the actual hex codes for the suits are a little different — Feenie’s suit is more like #264b8a and Edgey’s is #a92e55 — the biggest realization this has led to for us is that together, Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Maya’s signature colors make up the bisexual flag. coincidence? …yeah, probably.

Did we mention it’s a very slow news day?

What’s your favorite hex color code? Tell us in the comments.

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