Regé-Jean Page emerges as a new favorite to be the next James Bond in updated odds

Next James Bond

Regé-Jean Page attends the premiere of the History Channel miniseries “Roots” at Alice Tully Hall on Monday, May 23, 2016 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes / Invision / AP)

  • While COVID-19 pushed everything back in the film, agents continue deliberations on choosing the next James Bond
  • Hollywood’s top stars and fans have been standing on the edge of their seats for years, waiting to see who will be cast as 007
  • Find updated odds below including newcomer Regé-Jean Page and the best bets

Even though it’s a broken record now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? You guessed it. The next James Bond has not yet been selected. It’s now been about five years since this casting search was conducted and, surprisingly, Regé-Jean Page emerged as a new favorite.

Early leader Idris Elba is still in the race. But in the half decade that has passed since these discussions were first speculated, new stars have become famous. Not only does this make the casting debate more curious, it also increases interest.

Meanwhile, Daniel Craig’s last Bond film, No Time To Die, has been released for the sixth time (twice due to production issues and four times due to COVID-19). The film is now set to be released in October 2021, almost two years later than originally planned. This gives the big wigs at MGM and Eon Productions a little more time to figure out who’s going to put on the black bow tie next.

Chances of who will be cast next in James Bond

actor opportunities
Regé-Jean page +300
James Norton +400
Tom Hardy +400
Henry Cavill +800
Idris Elba +800
Jack Lowden +1200
Lashana Lynch +1200
Richard Madden +1400
Sam Heughan +1400
Tom Hiddleston +1800
Michael Fassbender +2000
Chris Hemsworth +2500
Cillian Murphy +2500
Benedict Cumberbatch +6500
Kit Harrington +6500
Ewan McGregor +7000
John Boyega +7000
Taran Egerton +10000
Brad Pitt +15000
Bradley Cooper +15000
Leonardo Dicaprio +15000

Quotas from March. 2 ..

A dashing newcomer

British-Zimbabwean actor Regé-Jean Page seems to have attracted a lot of attention after his charming appearance as presenter on Saturday evening on February 20th.

Of course, it wasn’t just SNL that got Page into the hearts and minds of fans and agents. As the Duke of Hastings – the lead actor in Netflix’s soap drama Bridgerton – he’s been popping up everywhere for months. Thanks to the steamy scenes and those impressive cheekbones, Page quickly became the subject of many passed out social media posts since the show’s debut on Dec 25, 2020.

From the Duke to 007?

While 31-year-old Regé-Jean Page is a surprising (or, in some cases, unknown) name high on the odds list, it actually makes sense. He’s British, he’s charming, and he’s handsome. One look at him in a black tuxedo on a red carpet and it’s way too easy to imagine him as Bond.

Back in January, Vanity Fair published a story called “Bridgerton’s Regé Jean Page Has Entered the ‘Bond Rumor’ Phase,” which says, “You can see this for him, can’t you? As the Duke of Hastings, Page has proven he can do the pretty, mysterious rake-about-town thing. He can wear fancy clothes and drink fancy drinks. He’s also resourceful, turning everyday objects into weapons of sudden, extreme interest. “

Alright. So Page’s argument about becoming the next James Bond is really strong. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has it in his pocket. There are still two dozen stars left with odds. So what about everyone else in the running?

Other next James Bond candidates

You can’t talk about this casting without looking at Idris Elba. Elba has been the leading name in this discussion from the start. Now his chances are down to +800, a fifth place well below Page’s +300.

And then there are the more “traditional” casting options. The other elephant in the room? Bond has always been occupied by a white man. That alone added to Idris Elba’s appeal years ago and is part of why Page now looks as attractive as a bond.

Could ‘Bridgerton’ star Regé-Jean Page play the next James Bond?

– Variety (@Variety) January 7, 2021

And while fair race talks remain important across all industries, Hollywood could back down on that. If so, James Norton or Tom Hardy (both at +400) would be decent bets, as would Henry Cavill at +800. But it always looks like this could be an opportunity for the studios to finally embrace inclusion and diversity.

Out of all the stars in the long shot space, betting really isn’t very valuable. Many of these names are either no longer Bond (Brad Pitt), too young (Taran Egerton), too pretty (Chris Hemsworth), or too nervous (Cillian Murphy).

93rd Academy Awards Odds Tracker

Looking at all the names is overwhelming. There are many stars for this role. But how ironic that the group’s leading man is someone who has just grown in prominence over the past few months. Some stars have fought for this role for decades. But the best man has to get the job. And that means Regé-Jean Page is going to make a hell of a bond.

Selection: Regé-Jean Page (+300)

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An active entertainment enthusiast, former editor-in-chief of the Capilano Courier, JJ co-founded Lords of Dogwood, a Vancouver-based entertainment site, in 2013. His article was found in ION Magazine, the North Shore News. and the beach.


An active entertainment enthusiast, former editor-in-chief of the Capilano Courier, JJ co-founded Lords of Dogwood, a Vancouver-based entertainment site, in 2013. His article was found in ION Magazine, the North Shore News. and the beach.

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