Reiss adds “curated” side jeans to the webshop’s offerings

Premium Fashion Brand Lease is working with Page, an American premium denim label, to sell the women’s and men’s jeans curated by Reiss in the UK retailer’s web shop.

Wraith / Page

This is an interesting move for Reiss, who is known for selling their own brand. But continuing with a major retailer having recently acquired a significant stake in the company, there has been no lack of advice on how to successfully integrate third-party brands into the company’s offering.

“Customers are committed to designing modern clothing and curating the wardrobe for different moments,” Reiss said. Including the LA-based jeans brand is part of the process. It is said that it is a department.

Page’s line-up includes 16 carefully selected women’s styles, from flares to thin, straight legs and shorts, with an emphasis on both “seasonal favorites and timeless classics”.

There are 12 models for men that focus on slim and slim fits and use Page’s unique stretch fabric.

“California has an inherently cool feel, and Page embodies it, offering jeans that are contoured, comfortable and dimensionally stable,” said James Spreckley, creative director at Reiss. This is the epitome of premium denim. “

The jeans label’s co-founder and creative director, Page Adams Geller, said the association with Reese felt “like a natural fit.”

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Reiss adds “curated” side jeans to the webshop’s offers

Quellelink Reiss adds “curated” side jeans to the webshop’s offers

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