Remembering the Lost at Fort Huachuca – Tucson, Arizona

Sierra Vista, Arizona (KGUN) – Some may consider Memorial Day the start of summer, but military families consider it a solemn time to remember those who gave their lives for our country. I’m going.

The army built Fort Huachuka over 140 years ago. Since then, the local cemetery has been telling the story of the victim.

On this Memorial Day, active service members, veterans and families who have lost loved ones have reunited, followed their memories and gathered right after a virtual ceremony was forced by a pandemic last year.

Colonel Jarod Moreland, commander of the garrison, told visitors to the Memorial Day ceremony at Fort Huachuka: As the quote says, “Because of the brave, the home of freedom.”

Maj. Gen. Anthony Hale, Commandant of Fort Huachuca, saw the victims of the soldiers and their families in person.

“It has been in use for over seven years since 911. I have attended dozens of memorial and lamp ceremonies. Every time I think of my father, my mother, my son and my daughter who never went home. “

The Gamez family presented a wreath to Sergeant Kyle Gamez. He served in the navy and then in the army. My sister, Sydney Games, died of suicide while she was in Hawaii.

“I think it’s good to respect everyone you know. Those who lost their lives fighting and those who took their battle home and lost their lives. “

Senator Mark Kelly served in the Navy for 25 years and was a NASA astronaut. He says it is important to attend the ceremony to honor service and sacrifice.

“We have completely voluntary power that people serve and we often pay the final price so others in our country don’t have to worry. Democracy requires people to go out and serve in the army, which is one of the reasons that make our country so special. Think.”

A rifle-style salute was given just before the end of the ceremony. This is a signal that the warriors have taken care of the dead and are ready to fight again. Then Taps – a trumpet call to let the soldiers know it is time to rest.

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