Residents and businesses impacted by Yuma’s monsoon storms

Residents shares how the the continuous storms affects them – CBS 13 On Your Side’s Vanessa Gongora reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Walmart located in the Foothills is experiencing major water leaks throughout the store.

Though employees couldn’t speak on the matter, it didn’t stop customers from shopping.

Each aisle was filled with buckets catching the drops of water and customers say this is an ongoing issue when the showers do come.

The storms also impacted the Ag community.

Two harvesters, Will Bruce and Kane Stuck are not too happy with the wet weather.

“We’re harvesting grass,” says Bruce. “So we have to cut it, put it into rows and it stays off the ground to dry for 18 days.”

Stuck says with these storms, it’s impossible for them to do their jobs.

“One day of rain will probably put us out for three days and like with getting all this rain, it’s been putting us out probably for about eight days,” explains Stuck.

Emotionally stressed is how they described what they are feeling and are not looking forward to the possible rain forecasted this weekend.

Though one local Yuma resident Mark Popyach says besides the humidity, rain is a good thing.

“I think we need the rain,” says Popyach. “I’m hoping it went that way and fills the lake and river and everything else because they’re talking about a drought. Well, I think this is a way to start alleviating that.”

Mike Erfert, Yuma Fire Department’s Public Information Officer, says when the storms come, more crashes do too.

“Your stopping distance is lengthened out, so leave more space between you and the other vehicles and take your time,” says Erfert. “Slow down.”

He adds, with power outages happening, some traffic signals may be out but always treat it like a four way stop because it’s the law.

With possible showers and flood watch coming back to Yuma this weekend, please stay safe.

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